Sales and Marketing Strategy: Sales strategy can be designed, executed and reviewed for project in various stages like New Launch, Under Construction, Nearing Completion and Ready Possession. Different sales pitch for different sets of customers can be scripted for better customer understanding and faster conversations

Pre and Post Sales Process Mapping: All sales processes pre sales, post sales and post possession can be documented with a process manual for execution.

Channel Partner Activation: Channel Partner activation can be done in shorter time span with usage of technology and also servicing them in a better way for faster conversions and building better brand equity in the market.

Sales Training: Sales Training can be given to teams for various stages of the project like selling Skills, trouble Shooting, Handling difficult customers and more.

Customer Retention: We can help in retention of cancelled customers and also handling difficult customers.

Document Templates: All document templates can be prepared for the project.

Customer Engagement and Experience: Customer Engagement Plan for the lifecycle can be designed with better experience to the customer thereby reducing the customer effort and improving customer experience.

Unique Customer Communication: A customer interacts x times for closing the sales, we can help you to design different communications sets to the customer, This can help in creating unique and different experiences to the customer and not making the conversations monotonous.